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A Pilot Cross-Over Study to Assess the Human Bio Availability of ├ó┬?┬?Cureit├ó┬?┬Ł A Bio Available Curcumin in Complete Natural Matrix


Sreeraj Gopi*, Robin George, Mercy Thomas, Shintu Jude

Curcumin is a safe, effective and potential compound, finds its application as an ingredient for foods and medicines. In order to be effective as a medicine, it has to be more bio available than usual forms. Even though the concentration by composition is increased, it cannot be absorbed to the body- but, some formulations can. Curcumin is found to have potential benefits on treatment and prevention of several diseases. But, the low bioavailability makes a barrier for its use. Cureit, a novel bio available Curcumin formulation, have developed naturally, of which, bioavailability is compared with that of normal Curcumin. It is found to be >10 fold more bio available than the normal Curcumin.

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