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A Review on Advance Technologies for Developing Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems


Shinde PV*

 Over the past decades, developing controlled drug delivery has

become increasingly important in the pharmaceutical
industry.Today about 74% of drugs are taken orally and are found
not to be as effective as desired. To improve such characters
transdermal drug delivery system was emerged.Transdermal drug
delivery represents one of the most rapidly advancing areas of
novel drug delivery. Transdermal drug delivery system was
introduced to overcome the difficulties of drug delivery through
oral route. A transdermal patch is medicated adhesive patch that is
placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of medication through
the skin and into the bloodstream.
With the advent of new era of pharmaceutical dosage forms,
transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) established itself as an
integral part of novel drug delivery systems.
The present article reviews the polymers suitable to be formulated
as transdermal system, advantages, and disadvantages of
formulation design.

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