A Review on Atherosclerosis | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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A Review on Atherosclerosis


Dipti Sharad Pawar*

Atherosclerosis is the condition in which deposition of cholesterol on inner linings of arteries take place. In atherosclerosis plaque builds up in a series of stages inside arteries resulting into obstruction to blood flow. Atherosclerosis is the most leading cause of death in industrialized countries. Mostly arteries in the brain, heart, arms, legs & pelvis are affected. The disease is responsible for heart attacks, strokes, aortic aneurysms & peripheral vascular disease. This inflammatory disease is precipitated by elevated levels of low density lipoprotein cholesterol in blood. Endothelial dysfunction is the main stimuli for development of disease. Risk factors of atherosclerosis are both unmodifiable& modifiable which are important in assessment and should be monitored beginning in childhood, even in asymptomatic patients. . The plaques can be predicted by invasive & non-invasive imaging techniques. The blockages are treated by coronary artery bypass, heart catheterization. Medicines along with lifestyle improvement are also useful in management of atherosclerosis. Successful treatment minimizes chances of cardiovascular events, morbidity & mortality.

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