A Review on Parenteral Controlled Drug Delivery System | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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A Review on Parenteral Controlled Drug Delivery System


Pravin Ghagare*1, Vandana Patel1, Rohit Gosavi1, Yogesh Thengal1

The Parenteral administration route is the most common and efficient for delivery of active drug substances with poor bioavailability and the drugs with a narrow therapeutic index. Drug delivery technology that can reduce the total number of injection throughout the drug therapy period will be truly advantageous not only in terms of compliance, but also to improve the quality of the therapy and also may reduce the dosage frequency. Parenteral drug delivery system seeks to optimize therapeutic index by providing immediate drug to the systemic pool in required quantity to treat– cardiac attacks, respiratory attacks. This article includes preparation, characterization and applications of parenteral controlled drug delivery system.

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