An Overv├?┬▒ew on F├?┬▒xed Dose Combinations | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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An Overv├?┬▒ew on F├?┬▒xed Dose Combinations


Timucin Ugurlu*, Tugce Ozaydin

Fixed dose combinations have become an important alternative to monotherapies in the treatment of diseases as hypertension, diabetes, Helicobacter pylori, AIDS- HIV infections and tuberculosis, asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) by offering several advantages including patients compliance, simple dosage schedule, superior efficacy and tolerability, reduced risk of adverse events, cheaper shipment & packaging activities. This article covers the advantages and disadvantages of FDC’sas well ascritical issues during evaluation of FDC’s such as Efficacy, Safety, Bioavailability and Stability.

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