An Overview of Iranian Patent System | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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An Overview of Iranian Patent System


Prabodh Meragu*1, Chaitanya Prasad K1, Ashish S1, Abhijit K2, Suthakaran R

 Intellectual property protection is a one type of the protection to

the innovator, rebelling from the creative efforts of the human Mind
style exhibited by a virtuoso. The patenting system status in Iran is
discussed using some recent statistics on the number of field and
granted Iranian patents to resident and non-resident applicants.
The Iranian patent laws differ from other countries. Patent system
in Iran is briefly introduced and discussed in this paper to give the
reader an overview of the status of the changes in the Iranian IP
law. The Iranian patent legislation had a provision for registration
of patent separately for resident and nonresident applicants.

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