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Analysis Of Different Teaching Methodologies Applied In Undergraduate Programmes At Various Academic Institutions In Muscat ΓΆΒ?Β?A Survey Based Research


AR.Mullaicharam*, Joseph Francis*, Geetali Deori*, Hemalatha Balasubramanian **

Undergraduate students have the main responsibility for planning, implementing, and evaluating their effort in self-directed learning. It is an adult learning technique that assumes that the learner knows best what their educational needs are. The facilitator’s role is not only to support in self-directed learning is to support students in identifying their needs and goals for the program, but also to contribute to clarifying the students' directions and objectives and to offer timely feedback. Within the context of self-directed learning, adults can seek out and participate in a variety of teaching methods. It is important to give students opportunities to apply and reflect on lecture material during course time. Most educators agree that lectures are necessary, but that they should be limited in number and well delivered. The aim of this paper is to find out a suitable educational method to get expected educational objectives or learning outcomes from the students.

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