Anticonvulsant Activity of Catharanthus Roseus Leaf | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Anticonvulsant Activity of Catharanthus Roseus Leaf


Manisha Shinde*1,3, Sanjay Chaudhari2, Ritu Gilhotra3

Epilepsy is a neuropsychological disorder which causes seizures .The seizures are occurs due to imbalance between excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters. In the present study the Petroleum ether extract of Catharanthusroseus at the dose of 100,200 and 400 mg/kg was screened for anticonvulsant activity using pentylenetetrazole induced seizure test model. From present study it was observed that at the dose of 400mg/kg the petroleum ether extract showed better anticonvulsant activity.

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