Bimetallic nano pharmacophore for anticancer agents | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Bimetallic nano pharmacophore for anticancer agents


Priyank Purohit

In search of new drug molecule with high cytotoxicity profile with fewer side effects lead us to develop a new hypothesis. The present hypothesis will reduce the problem of drug resistance with the platinum, which is the main problem of metal based drug. It might enhance the efficacy of drug molecule, which may broaden the spectrum of activity of platinum based drug. It will provide a better drug candidate with broad spectrum of activity and fewer side effects. The organometalls has been widely used as a catalyst in the organic chemistry for the synthesis of complex molecules, due to their coordinating capability. Serendipities discovery of platinum metal as a cytotoxic agent from the platinum electrode was a key opener for the era of metal based anticancer agents. The discovery of the Pt related drug cisplatin has been an attraction for inorganic as well organic chemist.

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