Comparison between deletion genes in BRCA1 and BRCA2 on tamoxifen | Abstract

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Comparison between deletion genes in BRCA1 and BRCA2 on tamoxifen


Marjan Assefi*

According to Mandal, almost from the beginning of life on earth, mankind was affected and suffered by breast cancer. Almost In every era in recorded history, it is mentioned and written about. Breast cancer’s symptoms are visible. At late stages the lumps advance toward the tumors. This process has been recorded by physicians in ancient times. She stated that this is because; breast cancer is not like the other internal cancers. Breast lumps tend to show themselves. Galen’s theories on breast cancer were accepted until the 17th century. She found that in 1680, Francoisdela Boe Sylvius a French scientist began to reject the funny theory of cancer. He hypothesized that cancer was not caused by the black bile. He said it cause from a chemical which transformed lymphatic fluids from acidic to acrid. In 1730s, a physician from Paris under the name of Daude Deshais Gendron rejected the theory of Galen. Mandal mentioned that he believed when glandular and nerve tissue get mix with lymph vessels, cancer begins to develop. In 1895, a Scottish surgeon George Beatson discovered when he removed ovaries from the breast cancer; the breast tumor began to shrink. From that time on, many surgeons began to remove both ovaries. They performed a radical mastectomy for breast cancer patients. The tumor began to shrink after removing the ovaries because of the estrogen.

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