Development And In vitro Evaluation of PLGA Microsphere of Docetaxel | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Development And In vitro Evaluation of PLGA Microsphere of Docetaxel


Arpan Kumar Tripathi*1, Ashwani Patel2, Rakesh Sahu1, Pankaj Kashyap1, Dusmanta Kumar Pradhan1

Breast-targeting docetaxel loaded (polylactic-co-glycolic) acid microsphere were prepared by a solvent evaporation method. The uniform design was used to optimize the technology of preparation, the appreance and size distribution were examined by scanning electron microscope, and the aspect such as in vitro release characteristics, stability drug loading efficiency. The experimental result show that the microspheres were globular in appearance and disperse well the average particle size decrease form is 24.49±0.38.49 micro-meter to 4.99+ 0.11micrometer. The drug loading efficiency decrease75.01±1.2% to81.2±1.9% respectively. The in vitro release behaviour could be expressed by the drug release rate decrese from 90% to 84% with increasing amount of PLGA during preparation. The drug release rate increase from 81% to 98% with the increase in stirring rate from 200to800 RPM. Stability studies were carried out with selected formulation period of 45-Daysmicrospheres was found to increase slightly.

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