Effect of carbon nanotubes on tomato seedlings | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Effect of carbon nanotubes on tomato seedlings


González García Yolanda

Advances in nanotechnology have provided new materials with various applications, proof of this are the so-called carbon nanomaterials (CNMs) that have been used in various areas including agriculture [1]. These CNMs have the characteristic that they can be easily absorbed by plant cells causing positive impacts on plant growth and development [2]. In addition to its economic relevance, the tomato has been identified as a food of great interest due to its high content of bioactive compounds. This, like all crop plants, are subjected to various types of stress, both biotic and abiotic [3]. Therefore, the application of nanomaterials as biostimulants is interesting as an alternative to increase the yield, quality, productivity and defense of plants.

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