Fast Dissolving Tablet Technology-A Review | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Fast Dissolving Tablet Technology-A Review


Shinde PV

 The convenience of administration and improved patient

compliance are important in the design of oral drug delivery system
which remains the preferred route of drug delivery in spite of
various disadvantages. One such problem can be solved in the novel
drug delivery system by formulating “mouth dissolving tablets”
(MDTs) which disintegrates or dissolves rapidly without water
within few seconds in the mouth due to the action of
superdisintegrant or maximizing pore structure in the formulation.
Such formulations provide an opportunity for product line
extension in the many elderly persons will have difficulties in taking
conventional oral dosage forms (viz., solutions, suspensions, tablets,
and capsules) because of hand tremors and dysphagia. Swallowing
problems also are common in young individuals because of their
underdeveloped muscular and nervous systems. In the present
review the formulation techniques and different technologies are

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