Field Flow Fractionation | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Field Flow Fractionation


Iffath Rizwana1, Sana Ahmed*2, M.Anitha Vani3, Syed Abdul Azeez Basha4

Field flow fractionation (FFF) is a separation technique conceived by J. Calvin Giddings. FFF is a separation technique where a field is applied to a solution which is pumped through a long narrow channel which is perpendicular to the direction of flow in order to cause separation of particles present in the fluid, dependent on their differing mobility’s under the force exerted by field. Analytes can be separated by different mechanisms. The mode of operation determines the elution order of analytes, along with other separation characteristics such as selectivity and resolution. Three widely used modes that can be implemented in any FFF technique are normal, steric and hyperlayer modes It uses most of the ancillary equipment employed in chromatography such as injector valves, pumps for the carrier liquid delivery, detectors, and some data acquisition devices such as chart recorders or more conveniently computers. It is particularly suitable for macromolecules, colloidal and particulate materials extending from a few hundred to 10 Da.

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