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Formulation and Evaluation of Naproxen Sodium Loaded Bovin Serum Albumin Nanoparticles by Desolvation Technique


G. Archana*

The objective of the present study is to prepare Naproxen sodium loaded BSA nanoparticles by desolvation technique using different desolvating agent. Naproxen sodium loaded BSA nanoparticles were prepared using desolvation technique. In desolvation technique two methodologies i.e continuous addition and intermittent addition method were adapted for the preparation of naproxen nanoparticle. The formulations were prepared at three different RPM and using different desolvating agents. The obtained formulation were evaluated for drug content, entrapment efficiency, loading capacity and characterized for mean particle diameter and stability. Among all these formulation Acetone (P2) formulation prepared by intermittent addition method at 800 rpm was showing promising results with mean particle diameter of 556 nms. It was able to sustain the drug release up to 9 hrs with 98% following first order rate constant with Fickian diffusion. From the result it was observed that intermittent addition method and Acetone were considered as best method and desolvating agent for the preparation of Naproxen sodium nanoparticle.

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