Hospital Acquired Infections in Different Wards of Patna Medical College and Hospital | Abstract

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Hospital Acquired Infections in Different Wards of Patna Medical College & Hospital


Md. Ishtiaque Ahmad1*, Shankar Prakash2

Nosocomial infection - also called “hospital acquired infection” this includes infections acquired in the hospital but appearing after discharge, and also occupational infections among staff of the facility. The most common types of Nosocomial infections that could occur in a hospital are surgical wound and other soft tissue infections, Urinary tract infections, Respiratory infections, Gastroenteritis, Meningitis. Naturally this work was undertaken with a view to study the problems of postoperative sepsis and other types of infection during hospitalization period and to express more knowledge over this subject. The samples of Pus, Urine, Sputum and Swab Samples from the different parts of the hospitals were collected. These were then cultured into the different media. After the specific duration the cultural and morphological characters were noted. The organism were identified on the basis of characters of the colony, Gram staining, Motility test, Biochemical reactions & coagulase tests. In Burn wound infection it was observed that most sensitive antibiotics against all above mention organism were Piperacillin, Gentamysin, Amikacin. In Noscomial urinary tract infection E. coli was the most common microorganism isolated and showed most sensitivity to Ceftazidime. Staphylococcus aureus was the most common organism isolated from surgical wards and it was most sensitive with the Cefotaxime. From respiratory tract infection most common organism was Staphylococcus aureus and most sensitive antibiotics was Imipenem.

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