Liposome as a drug delivery system: in nano bio electronics. | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Liposome as a drug delivery system: in nano bio electronics.


Marjan Assefi*

Nowadays, with the world wide spread of different cancers. There is an urgent need in new treatment methods and medications. With the advent of drug delivery methods, we have come to a new era of treatment. Here, we come to the fact that the liposome will open new open new doors to the scientific experiments. Different methods in nano bioelectronics and the meaning of Nano science and Nano engineering have been discussed. Liposomes (Bottom up) are used in drug delivery system at nano bio electronic department. It has polar and nonpolar region. Drugs are going to insert into the liposomes. In this paper, they are going to tell what liposomes are, different strategies to enter liposomes to the target cells, how it can be made, and interactions between liposomes and cell membrane. I am going to give another method to syntheses liposomes.

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