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Metallic Nanoparticles and De-oxy sugar containing pro-angiogenic synthetic grafts to accelerate healing in burns and diabetic foot ulcer wounds


Muhammad Yar

Angiogenesis is an absolute requirement for wound healing. With extensive burns and diabetic ulcers neovascularization is very difficult to achieve due to the loss of blood vessels (with burns) or damage to blood vessels (in diabetes). In case of diabetic wounds this leads to significant number of amputations. Research has shown that growth factors stimulate endothelial cells to migrate, proliferate and form new blood vessels. However the most commonly used proangiogenic growth factor-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) while central to angiogenesis in vivo has not proven an effective therapy when delivered directly to wound beds. Recombinant VEGF and its relatively poor stability, make it unlikely to be adopted by countries lacking financial resources for advanced wound healing biomaterials. Also very high local levels of VEGF have been found to lead to the sort of vasculature associated with tumours. In the body VEGF is produced and released in a highly regulated manner.

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