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Novel UV Spectrophotometric Determination of Rabeprazole Sodium In Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms


Sandeep Rajan Kolli, K.MohiniKalyani,B.Lakshmi,K.Vineela

Rabeprazole (RBZ) sodium is a substituted benzimidazole that inhibits gastric acid secretion and used for the treatment of erosive or ulcerative GERD, DU and hypersecretory syndromes including ZES. In present work, a simple, sensitive, accurate and economical spectroscopic method has been developed for the estimation of Rabeprazole in Bulk and its pharmaceutical dosage forms. An absorption maximum was found to be at 292 nm with the solvent system 0.05N NaOH. The drug follows Beer law in the range of 2-18 μg/ml with correlation coefficient of 0.999. The percentage recovery of Rabeprazole ranged from 99.8 to 100.2 % in pharmaceuticaldosage form. Results of the analysis were validated for accuracy, precision, LOD, LOQ and were found to be satisfactory. The proposed method is simple, rapid and suitable for the routine quality control analysis.

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