Osmotic Controlled Drug Delivery Systems: An Overview | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Osmotic Controlled Drug Delivery Systems: An Overview


Sadhana Shahi1, Nityanand Zadbuke2*, Ajit Jadhav1, Santosh Borde1

Osmotic controlled drug delivery systems utilize the principles of osmotic pressure for the controlled delivery of active agent. The delivery rate of zero-order is achievable with these systems. The release rate from these systems is highly predictable and can be programmed by modulating the release control parameters. The drug release from these systems is independent of gastric pH and hydrodynamic conditions. A high degree of in vivo-in vitro correlation (IVIVC) is obtained with osmotically controlled drug delivery systems. In this review various types of osmotic systems, basic components, patent literature and commercially marketed osmotic drug delivery systems are discussed.

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