Pharmacognostical Investigations on Medicinal Plants | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Pharmacognostical Investigations on Medicinal Plants


F. EL Babili.1*, I. Fouraste2, M. EL Babili3, C. Chatelain1

 Plants have always been used by humans to find cures for its diseases. After a

prosperous period for synthetic molecules, the craze for natural plant
substances is now a fact. The expanding market for medicinal plants, because
of globalization, requires technical botanical identifications, standardized, to
allow a secure commerce. The aim of our work is to establish a
pharmacognostical standard methodology, through various examples, leading
to useful standards trade of medicinal plants. This study, divided into three
parts, include macroscopic and microscopic analysis of Origanum compactum,
Opuntia ficus indica, Vitex agnus castus and Stephania tetrandra. Another part
of this work concerns the screening phytochemicals such as TLC for Viburnum,
Hieracium pilosella and Secale, HPLC chromatographic profiles for Vitex agnus
castus and Stephania tetrandra and UV dosage on Hieracium pilosella, which
allowed us to highlight the main phytochemical markers for each plant, for
example. These results provide on the one hand, qualitative characterization
by TLC and also quantitatively by HPLC and UV dosage. The last part of our
work concerns the evaluation of physico-chemical characteristics of Hieracium
pilosella, Piper nigrum and Piper longum. This work shows the usefulness of
such analysis to create a standardized method for botanical and chemical
identification, always necessary before using medicinal plants.

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