Preparation and Evaluation of Myoconductive ECG Gel | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Preparation and Evaluation of Myoconductive ECG Gel


Alli Pooja R.*, Bargaje Pratima D.*,Mhaske Nilesh S.

Hydrogel formulation provides better application property and stability. Hydrogels are the swellable polymeric materials, have been widely investigated as the carrier for drug delivery systems. The hydrogel can be defined as a cross-linked polymeric network which has the capacity to hold water within its porous structure. Conductive gel used in electrocardiography. The electrode gel greatly affects the signals from the skin to electrode. Hydrogel should be greaseless, odourless and nonstaining. In addition to getting information about cardiac status, respiratory rate monitoring and ventilator triggering are possible from ECG gel. The gel can be easily removed after use. Hydrogels are the semirigid systems in which the movement of the dispersing medium is restricted by an interlacing three-dimensional network of particles or solvated macro-molecules in the dispersed phase. Physical and /or chemical cross-linking may be involved. The interlacing and consequential internal friction is responsible for increased viscosity and the semisolid state. Gels are evaluated by following parameters such as pH, viscosity, spreadability, skin irritation studies, sound speed, electric impendence, sound attenuation , sound impendence frequency.

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