Rationale Drug Use In Two Hospitals In Khartoum State: Is There A Role For Clinical Pharmacists? | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Rationale Drug Use In Two Hospitals In Khartoum State: Is There A Role For Clinical Pharmacists?


Sahar Mamoun Mohamed Ali Homeida1*, Hassan Mohamed Ali Hussein2, Esra Nour Aldeen Yamani3

This is a prospective, observational hospital study set out to assess the need for a clinical pharmacist within the hospital. The study was conducted in two hospitals in Khartoum state, Hospital 1 and Hospital 2 during a period of 30 days. The data collected was questionnaire based from all patients attending the Medicine and Paediatric ward (n=140) in the two hospitals, consultants (n=3), registrars (n=3), housemen (n=35) and nurses (n=30). The data was analysed using statistical package of social science (SPSS) computer programme. The investigation examined the major drug use aspects with particular emphasis on the components of drug supply, storage, prescribing, dispensing and treatment monitoring. The overall results from the two hospitals were fairly in good agreement that have warranted justifiably the grounds to reach the following findings; ï�?�??�?�??· The main prescribers of drugs in hospitals are the housemen doctors ï�?�??�?�??· Lack of adequate awareness of doctors of what drugs their patients are taking or currently using. (As indicated by the discrepancy between the number on record sheet and that directly observation). ï�?�??�?�??· All aspects of drug use are handled by co patients. ï�?�??�?�??· Advice on dosage regimen aspects as well as side effects to patients was often lacking. This finding are very much indicative of the need to ensure rational medication use in its broad meaning, and area well within the role and responsibilities of a clinical pharmacist as judged by today’s globally established definition of clinical pharmacy ‘ the area of pharmacy concerned with the science and practice of rational medication use’.

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