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Recent Developments In Insulin Delivery For The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus


Abhishek Pathaka, , Dilpreet Singhb

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic lifelong condition which affects millions of people in the world. The main cause of this disease is the pancreas will not producing insulin, “a hormone which regulates blood glucose level in the body”, will leads to severe vascular complications and leads to death. The one and only way of survive against this disease is to provide exogenous insulin in our body. The conventional mode of delivering the exogenous insulin is by subcutaneous route by needles or injections which produces painful and invasive therapy leads to poor patient compliance. So various methods are developed for delivering the exogenous insulin in our body like inhaled insulin (Exubera), transdermal patch, insulin infusion pump and insulin sprays and insulin pills are available which uniform maintain blood glucose level in the body for several hours leads to increased patient compliance, So in present review we highlighted the novel methods of insulin delivery for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

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