Review on Polymers Used for Film Coating | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Review on Polymers Used for Film Coating


Dr. P.H. Sharma*, S.N. Kalasare, R.A. Kamble

 Film coating is the process that involves the depositions of a thin, but uniform,

film on to the surface of the substrate. Film coating systems are dry blend
concentrates of polymers plasticizers, opacifiers, glidantsbinders, anti tacking
agents, antifoaming agents, surfactants, fillers and extenders. Film coating
systems are ready to use and are available in aqueous or organic systems. They
can be reconstituted with organic solvent system, aqueous systems or hydroalcoholic
systems to prepare pharmaceutical solid oral dosage forms. A polymer
used for film coating of tablets has great importance. These polymers are
described in detail with their characteristics which are responsible for effective,
enteric or sustained release action. Polymers are one of the important parts of
this type of coating. There are various polymers from different chemical natures
are used for film coating; e.g. vinyl polymers, cellulose ethers, polyesters,
silicones, polysaccharides and so on. Each one of these polymers has different
characteristics and that are useful for thin polymer coating, enteric coating,
sustained release action. Among all these properties like solubility or insolubility
in aqueous solvent, resistance to gastric fluid, mechanical properties, thermo
mechanical properties are useful in preparing a effective form such as thin
polymer coating, enteric coating, and so on.

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