Study of Acid Neutralizing Capacity of Various Antacid Formulations | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Study of Acid Neutralizing Capacity of Various Antacid Formulations


Dr. K Jagadesh1, Dr. Chidananda K N2*

Background: Antacids are the substances most commonly used by the patients to obtain fast symptomatic relief from dyspepsia. They are the week base which neutralize the gastric acid and raise the pH of the gastric contents. The potency of the antacids depends upon their acid neutralizing capacity (ANC). The antacid neutralizing capacity varies from one another depending upon their formulations. Materials and methods: The present study was undertaken to study the acid neutralizing capacity of commonly available antacids formulations using titration and pH meter method. Six liquid formulations and six solid tablet formulations were studied for their acid neutralizing capacity Results: The acid neutralizing capacity among the liquid formulations was highest for Dioval 26.28±0.05 by pH meter method and 26.17±0.18 by titration method. Among solid antacid formulations ANC was highest with Riflux forte being 25.77±0.06 by pH meter method and 25.73±0.17 by titration method. Both the formulations had higher magnesium hydroxide concentration when compared to other antacids. Conclusion: The acid neutralizing capacity was highest with the antacids containing magnesium hydroxide. For acute fast symptomatic relief from dyspepsia antacids containing higher concentration of magnesium hydroxide would be helpful.

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