Study of Liver Function Test in Tuberculosis Treatment | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Study of Liver Function Test in Tuberculosis Treatment


Jyotish Chandra Pandey*, Chandra Kishore Prasad

Tuberculosis is major problem in India. In India about 1.96 millions of the new cases were reported annually. About 3.8 million of the new cases showed prevalence of the tuberculosis. Antituberculosis treatment is the common cause of drug induced liver injuries or hepatotoxicity in the patients. It has been proved in many studies that the effect occure due the elevated level of the liver enzymes like ALT, AST, ALP. The study was conducted on the patients of DOTs centres in the North India. About 50 patients were selected. The blood samples were collected from the patients and the liver markes were studied before and after drug therapy. The levels of the Alkaline phosphatase, Aspartame transaminase, Bilirubin & Plasma albumin were increased significantly after the drug administration. The study concludes that side effects in the patients with anti-tuberculosis drugs shall be monitored regularly.

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