Study of Sociodemographic and Morbidity Pattern among Geriatric Population | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Study of Sociodemographic and Morbidity Pattern among Geriatric Population


Dr. Udaykiran Bhalge *1, Dr D.S.Deo2,Dr V.L.Vedpathak3, Dr P.L.Dahire4, Dr Prema Joshi5

Background: This study was carried out to know the sociodemographic and morbidity pattern of geriatric population .As there is increase in the proportion of aged population, there would be increase in the burden of chronic diseases and disabilities in older age group. Thus it was decided to do a cross-sectional study of the geriatric morbidity in a rural population. Method: The detailed information of geriatric population regarding study variables like age, sex, occupation, education and morbidity pattern collected. Predesigned and pretested proforma was used to collect data. Data was analyzed by using suitable statistical method. Result: Among 100 elderly, 56% were men and 44% were women. 41% belonged to age group 61-65yrs. 85% are agricultural workers. Nearly half of them were illiterate. A majority of them had health problems. Most common health problem which were found were arthritis 58%, cataract 42%, URTI and other respiratory problems 36%. Conclusion: It is necessary to put attention over health of geriatric population by community participation.

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