Surface Tuning Using Gold Nanoparticles and Mixed Thiols | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Surface Tuning Using Gold Nanoparticles and Mixed Thiols



 SAM’s (Self Assembled Monolayer’s) are formed by modifying the

glass surface at different stages using Silanes, Gold Nanoparticles
(Au NPs) and mixture of thiols of different functional groups, chain
lengths and proportionate. The synthesized intermediate surfaces
and SAM’s obtained are characterized for understanding their
behavior in terms of physical and chemical heterogeneities. The
gold nanoparticles behavior can be observed using the visible
spectrum obtained from UV spectro-photometer. The change in
chemical heterogeneities are observed by measuring the contact
angle using two variant small molecular weight liquids (water and
ethylene glycol) on various synthesized intermediate surface.

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