Sustained Release Drug Delivery System: A Modern Formulation Approach | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Sustained Release Drug Delivery System: A Modern Formulation Approach


Pooja R. Alli*, Pratima B. Bargaje*, Nilesh S. Mhaske

Sustained release dosage forms are designed to release a drug at a predetermined rate by maintaining a constant drug level for a specific period of time with minimum side effects. In the recent years, focus on the development of controlled release drug delivery systems has increased. The basic rationale of controlled release drug delivery system optimizes the biopharmaceutical, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic properties of a drug in such a way that its utility is maximized, side-effects are reduced and cure or control of the condition is achieved, in the shortest possible time by using smallest quantity of drug administered by the most suitable route. There are several advantages of sustained release drug delivery over conventional dosage forms like improved patient compliance due to less frequent drug administration, reduction of fluctuation in steady-state drug levels, maximum utilization of the drug, increased safety margin of potent drug, reduction in healthcare costs through improved therapy, shorter treatment period and less frequency of dosing can be achieved. This review briefly emphasizes about the sustained release drug delivery system characteristics, formulation design and drug release mechanisms.

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