Targeting mithocondrial morphodinamics | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Targeting mithocondrial morphodinamics


Diana Molino

Mitochondria are double membrane organelles essential for energy homeostasis in eukaryotes but also critical for regulating iron and calcium homeostasis, redox regulation, autophagy, innate immunity, and cell death. Several human pathologies including neurological, cardiac, infectious, cancerous, and metabolic diseases have been associated with altered mitochondria morphodynamics. Here, we identify a small organic molecule, which we named Mito-C. Mito-C is targeted to mitochondria and rapidly provokes mitochondrial network fragmentation. Biochemical analyses reveal that Mito-C is a member of a new class of heterocyclic compounds that target the NEET protein family, previously reported to regulate mitochondrial iron and ROS homeostasis.

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