Therapeutic Nanomedicine for Cancer | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Therapeutic Nanomedicine for Cancer


Murali M Yallapu

The United States Food and Drug Administration have permitted number of therapeutic agents for cancer treatment. Most of them have some degree of systemic toxicity which makes overbearing in clinical settings. Additionally, drug resistance, metastasis, and recurrence remain to be inexplicable in cancer therapeutics. Urgent and unmet clinical need to deploy successful delivery Nanomedicine of the approved chemotherapy agents precisely to tumors for the effective management of cancer therapy. This talk provides distinct biological and physiological characteristics of such nanomedicine. This talk will also outline specific targeted molecular mechanism(s) of nanomedicine that are responsible for enhanced anti-cancer, anti-metastasis, anti-angiogenesis, and chemo-/radiation sensitizer actions. At the end, it will be covered most recent development, proof, and applications of various nanomedicines and its effective translational approaches.

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