Total Quality Management: The Need of the Hour for Pharmaceutical Industry | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Total Quality Management: The Need of the Hour for Pharmaceutical Industry


Setu Patel1, Dr. Dilip Maheshwari2

Total quality management play major role starting from initial establishment of a pharmaceutical industry to safe guard the marketed drug. It controls the overall quality system chain of a pharmaceutical product, which is to be purchased and utilized by the public in need.TQM is not un-dimensional approach but is multifaceted in nature. Understanding these facts is essential to promote a successful quality improvement programmed. An integrated approach on all vital components of TQM is required to achieve the desired goal. TQM has been accepted by both service and manufacturing organization, globally as a systemic management approach to meet the competitive challenges. TQM redefines the quality with emphasis on top management commitment and customer satisfactions. Drastic reduction in materials wastage, average saving per year increased and financial losses were minimized, workers were motivated to keep and operate materials with care and prevent wastage, and good team relationship was built among the workman and management. TQM provides the linkage between productivity and quality. The focus of TQM is an Involvement of everyone in organization in continuous improvement, Commitment to satisfy the customers, Participation through teamwork, Commitment and leadership of top management.

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