Transformation of Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery and Development via Innovation in Industrial Biotechnology | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Transformation of Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery & Development via Innovation in Industrial Biotechnology


Dr. Sapna Malviya

Drug discovery and development are costly and com- plicated processes and over 99% of experimental com- pounds eventually fail or stand rejected for treatment regimens. Only few out of evaluated chemicals out of drug discovery and preclinical testing can proceed to hu- man clinical trials and approved for marketing. The main rationale to explore new biotechnological capabilities is to understand disease processes and the development of new treatment approaches. The innovative methods are leading to formulation of promising new drugs used for treatment of cancer, autoimmune disease, neurologic dis- ease, allergy, and transplant rejection, among other enti- ties. Innovation in industrial Biotechnology can lead to better understanding Important tools and developments include genomics, proteomics, ligand-receptor interac- tion, signal transduction, rational drug design, biochips, and microarrays. The industrial biotechnology has inten- sified benefits in production of bulk chemicals including biofuels, polymeric materials and chemical agents using microorganisms or enzymes which in turn provides low cost, environmental friendly products partially to replace petrochemical products.

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