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Treating Liquid Tumors with Nanomedicines: Liposomal Drug Delivery in Cancer-Hematological Malignancies and Beyond


Anil Kumar Deshantri

Hematological malignancies (HM) are a collection of malignant transformations originating from cells in the primary or secondary lymphoid organs. Although, many chemotherapeutic drugs are clinically available for the treatment of HM, the use of these agents is limited due to dose-related toxicity and lack of specificity to tumor tissue. Moreover, the poor pharmacokinetic profile of most of the chemotherapeutics requires high dosage and frequent administration to maintain therapeutic levels at the target site. Liposome encapsulation has been proven to improve therapeutic window of anticancer drugs. Small size of liposomes allows them to extravasate and accumulate at malignant sites passively by means of the EPR effect.

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