Trends in Prostate cancer incidence in Bangalore, India | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Trends in Prostate cancer incidence in Bangalore, India


Vijay C R1, Gopalakrishnappa B R1,Ramesh C1,Krishna Reddy K V1, Vijayakumar M2

Prostate cancer has emerged as the most frequent cancer amongst men in world and also in Asian countries including India, with incidence increasing rapidly over the past two decades. Incidence has been drastically increasing in the all Indian Urban Registries, although in a few Registries with very significant increasing trend (Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Delhi and Kamrup). We analyzed a 25 years Population Based Cancer Registry Data at Kidwai memorial institute of oncology (KMIO) for comparison with other registries used national cancer registry report (NCRP). Material and methods: Prostate cancer cases were drawn from Bangalore population-based cancer registry locating at Kidwai memorial Institute of Oncology started in 1982 under national cancer Registry Programme funded by Indian Council of Medical Research. Time trends in sex- and age-standardised cancer incidence rates were analysed by using statistical tools like Joinpoint and Annual parentage Change (APC) over the study period. Results: Prostate cancer being most emerging site with 157.7 relative percentage change by combining first three years of registry started to recent years. Age-standardised prostate cancer incidence rates increased. A significant increased trend over the study period observed a considerable variability in the magnitude of the annual increase approximately 6.5% in Bangalore from 1996 onwards.

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