Virosomes : New Frontier for Targeting Drugs and Biological Molecules | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Virosomes : New Frontier for Targeting Drugs and Biological Molecules


Nupur A Inamdar*, Gajanan V Pulgamwar, Kalyani A Jadhav

Over the last decade, there has been a great revolution in drug delivery technologies. Delivery of drugs and biological molecules using virosomes is a novel technique available these days. Virosomes are the unilamellar phospholipid bilayer vesicles containing virus derived proteins. They show the targeted action by fusing with the target cell. They may be used as vaccines or vehicle for cellular delivery of macromolecules. Along with the delivery of these substances, it also helps in potentiating immune response. The success of virosomal drug delivery depends upon the method of preparation, use of proper detergents and short chain phospholipids, and function of hemagglutinins. Several parameters are studied regarding their morphology, safety, efficacy and stability. It is also observed that virosomes are showing greater target specificity in combating ebola infection. Though it is a novel, effective drug delivery mechanism, advanced research is needed to use virosomes as a powerful tool.

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