Winogradsky column and Microbial Metabolic Network Analysis | Abstract

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation (ajpti)

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Winogradsky column and Microbial Metabolic Network Analysis


Santosh Kumari Duppala*, DSVGK Kaladhar

The Winogradsky column is mainly constructed to know that how the microbial diversity and ecological relationship between the microorganisms exit in their natural environment. In the present review, by using Winogradsky column the microbial metabolism and its network analysis is investigated. Prokaryotes and Archaea bacteria show great metabolic diversity and these microorganisms keeps our biological world continuous recycling. Different types of organisms are detected in this present study; Winogradsky column forms three layers according to their energy and light requirement. On the top layer majority of the microbes in the water layer were photoautotrophic organisms like cyanobacteria, Algae, and many sheathed bacteria and chemoautotrophs such as Beggiatoa and Thiobacillus sulfur oxidizing bacteria are dominant on surface but the ratio decreases as in the lower layers .Further, the next gradient promote aerobic chemoheterotrophic bacteria are more in number in the higher or middle layer of the column when compared to bottom –green and purple sulfur phototrophic bacteria like Rhodhospirilum, Rhodhomicrobium, Rhodhopseudomonas and anaerobic Chlorobium are found in the microbial population. In the oxygen depleted zone or bottom layer anaerobic chemoheterotrophic or sulphur reducing bacteria are found more dominant such as Desulfovibrio and clostridium are mostly found. Phylogenetic tree was constructed using MEGA v7 Software.

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